193 – Trailer Talk

In a world where the internet and radio collide, our hosts embark on a journey that will test the limits of their bonds and push them over the line in order to preserve life as we know it... or, you know, maybe it's more like they just discuss a few of the movie trailers that were released recently. These include: Aquaman, Shazam, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Christopher Robin. Enjoy!

106 – Ghosts of Movies Past

With Fish absent, Jimmy and Jason bring in friend-of-the-show David to discuss some of the recent news from the last week. One of the bigger things was the release of the new Ghostbuster’s trailer – which elicited mixed reactions from our hosts and also brought about a discussion about remakes and reboots in general. We talk about some of our favorite and least favorites and try to establish some rules that Hollywood should adhere to concerning reboots/remakes.