131 – God’s Stolen Thunder (D&D)

I know we said we were gonna take a break from special episodes but hey we're rebels and also we procrastinated and didn't look up any stories before recording. So here we go again a special episode. We here at totpod have been on a Dungeons and Dragons kick recently, so we decided to record a session and see how it goes. Let us know on our social media sites if this is something you might us to continue.

124 – The Phantom Menace (CaH)

Jimmy, Jason, and Travel Red Class host David compete for glory in the perverse and likely offensive battleground of Cards against Humanity. After discussing some opinions on the newest Wonder Woman trailer, Star Trek Beyond, Suicide Squad, Munchkins, among other things, they battle to find out about such things like Obama's weakness, Batman's guilty pleasure, alternative medicine, little known sports, and so much more. NSFW also bear with the audio - Card games and handheld mics don't mesh well.