152 – Planet Hollywood

This week Jimmy, Jason, Jessica, and David get together to discuss the recent happenings. We first discuss the Oscars and the various ups and downs of the ceremony, including the Best Picture mix-up, Nicole Kidman clapping, The In Memoriam picture mistake, among others. This leads up to a discussion about Bill Paxton and the movies we remember him from. Lastly, we discuss the SpaceX 2018 Moon Flight and the discovery of the Trappist planets. Tangents Include:  Millennial Education, Male Anatomy Movies, Celebrity Crushes, and so much more!

105 – Is That a Monster in Your Pocket?

In this week’s episode, we go over all of the Pokemon-related news including it’s 20th year anniversary, the newest pair of games Sun and Moon, and the phenomenon Twitch Watches Pokemon. These topics bring us to discuss collectibles including Magic cards and Beanie Babies, video games, tabletop games, movies, science fiction, and so much more. Lastly, we discuss the Oscars and some of the controversy surrounding it.

4 – Conspiracy Theories

In this week’s episode, Jimmy and Patrick discuss their grand plans for the future of totpod. Additionally, Jimmy voices his opinions about the decline of modern music and Patrick brings up some interesting theories to explain the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370. Also, the winner is announced for the 2014 Oscar Prediction Show!