102 – Unforeseen Consequences

With Fish at PAX South, Jimmy and Jason bring back David to discuss what’s going on in the world. First, they discuss the recent internet uproars caused by The Fine Bros attempt to trademark react videos and the issues caused from YouTube’s automated copyright system. Next, we discuss the changing entertainment landscape including Netflix and TV, magazines, books, and newspapers. Which transitions to a lengthy movie discussion including sequels, reboots, parodies, De Niro in Bad Grandpa, Will Ferrell, and Jim Carrey. Lastly, to end the episode, we play a few rounds of “Will You Press The Button?”

87 – The Future Is Weird

In this week’s episode, Jimmy and Jason discuss some of the recent news stories and try to envision what they mean for the future. First, they discuss Playboy’s decision to no longer publish nude photos in their magazines and what it may mean for it’s future place in society. Next, the evidence of an alien … Continue reading 87 – The Future Is Weird

77 – Is This the Real Life?

This week’s nerdy topics: Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F, the scandalous independent game “Journey of the Light”, the DOTA 2 International Championship, Time magazine’s Virtual Reality cover, Microsoft’s Hololens, and the newest Deadpool trailer. Patrick was unfortunately not feeling too well so Jimmy, Fisher, and Jason had to soldier on without him.