141 – Broad Topics

In this week's episode Jimmy, Jason, and Jessica discuss a wide variety of subjects including: Knighthood in this day and age; Television shows like Gilmore Girls, Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls, Seinfeld, Arrested Development; Musicians like Weird Al, Kanye West and Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Viral websites like 4chan, Ebaumsworld, and Youtube;  Movie trailers including Transformers The Last Knight, Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and Spiderman Homecoming, and everything in between. So sit back and enjoy this week's conversational journey.

44 – World War 3

Jimmy is finally back from his #walkabout and he is ready to get back into the fray. This week the guys talk about the recent Sony hack, the last Colbert Report, Kate Upton’s recent accolade, Tim Burton’s opinion of superhero movies, Plastic surgery, Justin Bieber, and much more. Also in the episode, Patrick shows off … Continue reading 44 – World War 3