114 – More Than Meat

This week, Jimmy and Jason bring back David to join in the conversation to discuss the last's week news as well as anything else that may come up. This episode is all over the place - just a few of the topics: Food, Justin Beiber, Captain America: Civil War, Limp Bizkit, Mother's day, Reaction Videos, Fashion, Skateboarding, Raising children,  Sword fighting, British television, Power Rangers, X-Men Apocalypse, Game of Thrones, Space Jam 2, Hygiene, Terrorism, and so much more.

54 – Listen Up Idiots

Good news, everyone! Schedules finally allowed the whole crew to get together! Jimmy, Patrick, and Fisher discuss some of the more important news of the past week – important to them that is. Jimmy discusses the recent announcements of a Mallrats and Zoolander sequel and some of the original programming that Netflix is and will … Continue reading 54 – Listen Up Idiots