122 – Excited For The Future

Jimmy and Fish get out the old crystal ball and peer into the unknown. First we look at the signs and discern how much we probably won't like the new Ghostbusters movie. Next we discuss Pokemon Go and look forward to some of the features we're hoping for like trading,  a new battle system. more Pokemon, and maybe NPC battles. However, we do also discuss the new found publicity and awareness that may culminate in a live action Pokemon movie. Next, we speculate about the new PlayStation 4 console. We also go over the recent CSGO Lottery scandal and predict that it may just be be the thing that finally gets lawmakers involved in the internet. Check it out!

63 – Deus Ex Materna

Happy Mother’s Day! In this week’s episode, Jimmy and Fisher try their hardest to stay on topic. they wanted to discuss the controversy surrounding microchipping. However, as is their custom, they get sidetracked immediately and end up discussing math, the new Suicide Squad film photos, Scott Pilgrim, Deadpool, Voice Actors, Theories about the universe, fraud … Continue reading 63 – Deus Ex Materna