80 – Diamonds and Pearls

That’s right, 80 episodes. A lot of people said we would never get here. We just stared back and asked them why they were so negative and why eighty, it seems like a very arbitrary number. But let’s look past the negative and get on with it. This week’s topics: The launch of YouTube Gaming, … Continue reading 80 – Diamonds and Pearls

75 – We Killed WALL-E!

In this week’s episode, the guys along with special guest Jason discuss some of the recent stories like the possibility of a Lebron James-helmed Space Jam 2, the future of film, E-sport drug testing, Earth 2.0, Spider-man finally joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and so much more. Also in the episode, Jimmy reveals his true … Continue reading 75 – We Killed WALL-E!