143 – Hindsight is 20/16

Good Riddance 2016!!! it's common knowledge that 2016 sucked big time; so Jimmy, Jason, and David get together to discuss some of the biggest events of the year. At least that was the plan, soon after we discuss a couple of the recent tragic celebrity passings we quickly go off the rails and head down some possible controversial roads. Topics include: Politics, Medical Advances, Society, Gender, Racial Equality, Virtual Reality, and so much more.

71 – Avi Saves The Day

In this week’s episode, Jimmy, Patrick, and Fisher discuss some of the more controversial topics such as the Ghostbuster’s remake, Battlebots, Martian pyramids, and Haley Joel Osment… Oh yeah and the Confederate Flag controversy and recent Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. Also in the episode, the guys get some great outside perspective with one … Continue reading 71 – Avi Saves The Day