109 – Insert Bribe Here

Jimmy and Jason get together and discuss the biggest news stories of the last week. This episode’s topics: Easter, Microsoft’s AI Chatbot Tay, AlphaGo beating Lee Sedol in Go, Domino’s new autonomous delivery robot, our idea of a robot-filled future, and lastly we discuss the initial mixed reviews of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

103 – Happy Scams Day!

After our brief hiatus last week, we are back. Back to discuss all of the major happenings in technology, gaming, entertainment, science, or anything else we deem important. This episode’s topics: Valentine’s Day, Spam emails, TheFineBros trademark debacle, YouTube, Deadpool and Zoolander 2, Star Wars, spoilers, Batman vs Superman, cartoon reboots, Gravity wave detection, and so much more.

78 – Crowdfunded Pizza

Patrick and Fisher were out this week so Jimmy and Jason brought in their friend David to join in on the conversation: This week’s nerdy topics: Disney’s D-23, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Space Travel, Superman Vs. Batman, Lord of the Rings, Cats vs dogs, Stupid-but-profitable business ideas, and so much more.