150 – Very Concise Season Finale

Not... Look, we go into every episode with a plan, maybe not the most detailed plan, but some semblance of a plan. Sometimes we hit our marks and other times we go off script and talk, at length, about the various contexts of the word guzzle. This episode is definitely of the latter's persuasion and honestly it's fine, it's our bread and butter. Disjointed, incomplete, often wrong - that's Totpod to a T. An hour or so of honest conversation, that's what you'll get every week and will continue to get every week until life (or the authorities) force us to stop. So for our Season 3 finale, we offer to you the same as we offer you every week - Chaos. This week's topics include: Pokemon, Cartoons, SNL, Resolutions, Books, Internet, Dogs vs. Cats, the word Guzzle, Movies, Porn, and everything in between.

85 – Be a Better Person

Fisher is back from his victorious presidential campaign and ready to head back into the fray. He and Jimmy discuss last week’s biggest news stories including: NASA’s recent Mars flowing water announcement, Hasbro’s announcement of four more Michael Bay Transformers movies over the next decade, and the upcoming people-ranking app Peeple. Also in the episode, the … Continue reading 85 – Be a Better Person