32 – iSweatpants

In this week’s episode, the guys delve into the amazing world of technology. Patrick leads this week as we talk about Bendgate and look at all of the humorous jabs other companies have taken at Apple’ most recent blunder. Also, we discuss Samsung’s newest phone and the possibility of world without physical currency.  


31 – Jack Thomas Smith

In this weeks episode, the guys (minus Fisher) interview feature film writer, producer, and director – Jack Thomas Smith. They discuss his background, some of his favorite writers and directors, how they’ve influenced his films, his past and future projects, but mainly we explore his newest film, Infliction. No major spoilers…  

25 – Mark Selzer!

This week the boys go Hollywood! We interview the hilarious comedian/performance artist Mark Selzer. Jimmy leads this week as he, Patrick, and Fisher discuss Mark’s background, his inspirations, and some of his most memorable experiences on Hollywood Boulevard.