69 – Steve Bloom?

Through a bizarre set of circumstances and definitely not due to one of us not double checking – there is no episode 68 – maybe sometime in the future we’ll correct the situation.

So now that’s out the way, let’s get on with episode 69. In this week’s episode, after they get through the immature 69 jokes, Jimmy and Fisher discuss some of the recent news stories that interest them. First things first – Jimmy saw Jurassic World which prompts an inaccuracy-filled Jurassic Park discussion. In other entertainment news, they discuss the newest Ridley Scott movie “The Martian”, Fisher discusses the newest DC & Machinima web series Justice League: Gods and Monsters, the possibility of a Boondocks Saints & Minority Report TV series, and the first teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Z Super. Lastly, they discuss some tech and gaming news including Windows 10’s release date, Google’s new gamer-centered live streaming service, the Steam sale, the consumer Oculus Rift, and the announcement of Fallout 4. As always the episode involves many off-topic discussions and rants – in this week’s episode, Fisher shows off his skill (or lack of skill) in recalling movie character names, Jimmy wonders if his preference for dark and violent dystopian futures has some type of deeper meaning, and so much more.