10 – The Zodiac Groove @ Nesta

As the prophecies foretold, after the passing of the blood moon and as the Lyrids pass overhead a new force will be brought in the world and bring about a new era. Little did we know, but it looks like Totpod we be the ones that bring about this new force – in the form of The Zodiac Groove. The Zodiac Groove is a brand new San Antonio-based band consisting of Jason Tremillo, Rich Alcorta, Montana, and Jesse Reyna. They have a great and very unique sound. Each band member brings a new set of influences and talents that coalesces  into a sound that fits together perfectly and that can only be described as The Zodiac Groove. We interviewed them at Nesta, a San Antonio bar with a great feel and atmosphere, located on 122 Nogalitos, 78204. We discussed their genesis, what The Zodiac Groove means to them, and also some of their future plans for the band.  They are just starting out but we see great things in their future and we are going to be along for the ride – so be sure to stay tuned to Thinking Outside The Pod for the most up-to-date information on The Zodiac Groove. After the interview, not only did they play one of the songs “Alter Ego” – they also agreed to stick around to discuss a couple recent news stories. We covered  NYPD’s Twitter debacle and the effects of powdered alcohol or Palcohol on society.